Fringer ef fx pro

Fringer ef fx pro

28 января 2018 г.

Начались продажи автофокусного адаптера Canon EF — Fujifilm X от компании Fringer

Компания Fringer объявила о начале продаж своего автофокусного адаптера Fringer EF-FX Pro для установки оптики стандарта Canon EF на камеры Fujifilm X.

Адаптер позволяет использовать автофокус в фотоаппаратах Fujifilm при съемке с объективами для камер Canon EF. Для изменения диафрагмы адаптер оснащен кольцом для ее изменения. Оба байонетных крепления выполнены из латуни.

Есть и более простая версия, в которой диафрагма устанавливается через настройки в камере, а крепление со стороны камеры выполнены из другого сплава.

Адаптеры поддерживают фокусировку в режимах AF-S и AF-C. Для сохранения EXIF-данных адаптер передает правильную информацию о модели объектива, фокусном расстоянии и значении диафрагмы.

Производитель продает версию Pro за $299. Стандартная версия пока недоступна и цена на нее не указывается.

For Gen2 (EF-FX Pro II & EF-FX II)

Firmware download

Version 1.30 (2019/9/2):

EFX2_130P.BIN (177,816bytes, for EF-FX Pro II)

EFX2_130S.BIN (177,368 bytes, for EF-FX II)

User’s manual download

For Gen1 (EF-FX Pro & EF-FX)

Firmware download

Version 3.10 (2019/9/2): EFFX310P.BIN (129,880bytes, for Pro) EFFX310S.BIN (129,432 bytes, for Std.)

Be noted: V2.10 is the new baseline version. V1.x must be upgraded to V2.10 before installing firmware V2.20 or later.

Baseline version: EFFX210P.BIN (125,248 bytes, for Pro) EFFX210S.BIN (124,912 bytes, for Std.)

User’s manual download

After-sale services *

14-days return or replacement

Within two weeks after you purchased the adapter, for any reason you may return it to us and get full refund or a new replacement if it’s in original status. Please contact us before return it. Be noted that buyer pay return shipping cost.

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1-year free warranty.

Within one year after you purchased the adapter, if you encounter any problem, you may send it back to us for repair. If it’s not caused by abnormal usage, we’ll repair it for free. Be noted that buyer pay shipping costs.

Lifetime service.

You can always rely on our after sale service, even after the free warranty period. But you may need to pay for relevant costs.

* This is for customers who purchase the adapter from our webstore. If it’s purchased from other resellers, after-sale services are provided by them.

Fringer just released new firmware version 2.70 for Fringer EF/FX adapters.

V2.70 includes following improvements:

  1. Fixed PDAF issues for some of the following lens models: Lens didn’t get recognized by the adapter due to different lens firmware version.
    – Sigma 17-70/2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM Contemporary
    – Tamron SP 35/1.8 Di VC USD
    – Tamron SP 45/1.8 Di VC USD
    – Tamron SP 85/1.8 Di VC USD
  2. Fixed MO (Manual Override) support for some Sigma and Tamron lenses. When you turn focus ring and activate MO, the camera will be switched to manual focus mode. After you half press and release the shutter button, it will be switched back to AF mode automatically. Be noted, this works only when IS mode is set to “always on” and the lens’ MO function is switched on.
  3. Bug fixed: When the Pro version adapter works with variable aperture zoom lenses and some of the X cameras such as X-T3, the camera may become lag and not responsive after playback a photo and switch back to shooting mode.
  4. Added following lenses to the tested and optimized lens list:
    – Tamron SP 70-210/4 Di VC USD (A034)
    – Tamron SP 17-50/2.8 XR Di-II VC LD (B005)
    – Samyang AF 85/1.4 EF
    – Canon EFS 18-200/3.5-5.6 IS
    – Canon EF 500/4L IS II
    – Canon EF 500/4L IS II + 1.4X
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To check the performance of the Fringer on Fujifilm X-T3 check out:

  • Performance test here – Fringer EF-FX AF Adapter Eye Tracking tested on Fujifilm X-T3 with Canon EF600/4L II and Sigma 18-35mm F1.8
  • Performance test here – Sigma 50-100/1.8 Autofocus Speed on Fujifilm X-T3 using Fringer EF-FX Smart Adapter VIDEO DEMO

Visit this page to download the new firmware v. 2.70 file and release notes or click the direct links below.

It’s close to Chinese new year. Due to Spring festival holidays, if you purchase Fringer adapter products from Fringer’s webstore, it will not be shipped until Feb. 15.

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